Add live interaction to your website without coding.

Interact with your users in real-time using screen sharing, live video, audio, and more—directly from your website.

live-interaction website integration

  • No Coding Required

    Integrate by copying a snippet of code to your website. Customize your integration without the need for programming.

  • Live Interaction

    Engage with your users in real-time using screen sharing, live video, 2-way audio, and chat.

  • No Software Needed

    Neither you nor your users need to download or install any additional software in order to use.

  • Easy Customization

    Customize your integration by toggling settings from the configuration page: enable only the features you need and hide those you don't.

  • Automatic User Join

    There's no need to manually send an invite link or code to your users. They will automatically join your live session when you start sharing.

  • Full Branding Control

    Everything happens directly from your website, so you have complete control over the look-and-feel that you present to your users.

  • 1. Enter Your Website's URL

    specify website url

    Specify your website's URL in your integration setup page.

  • 2. Insert Code Snippet

    insert code snippet

    Copy the code snippet from the setup page into your webpage.

  • 3. Customize From Settings

    customize from settings

    Customize your integration from the settings page.

  • Online Meetings

    Create meeting rooms on your website for hosting online meetings. Allow attendees to automatic join when your meetings start.

  • Sales Presentations

    Funnel website prospects into live sales demos and conversations and automatically redirect them to a sign-up/lead-generation form afterwards.

  • Customer Support

    Allow your customer support reps to easily see your customers' screens, so they can provide them with faster and more effective support.

  • Ad-Hoc Collaboration

    Turn any webpage into an ad-hoc collaboration room. Create persistent war rooms for collaborating with people inside and outside your company.

  • Marketing Webinars

    Host online webinars and automatically capture attendee information for later follow-up. Integrate with your marketing automation tools to improve conversion.

  • Online Classes

    Host your online classes directly from your website: it's easier for your students to join and eliminates error-prone management of class meeting links.